Turmeric and Honey Facial Mask

Enjoy this all-natural Face Mask designed for bring Natural Glow to brighten your skin tone and get flawless skin back with the help of nature. Honey with Turmeric the best combo.

The combination is calming soothing with Natural Lactic has lots of Antioxidants with fatty acids food for your skin.
This unique combination helps all kinds of skin to gently cleanse the skin, purifies and detoxes the pores, removing dirt, grime, pollution, germs, etc. as this combination is an antibacterial. Helps to exfoliate skin and removes dead cells and dry skin Improves skin elasticity, This blend helps to even out skin tone and promoting cell regeneration for a more radiant, brighter look.



Glowing Flawless Skin
Purify/Detoxify Skin
Dark Spot Fade
Acne Remover
Natural Hydrant



♦ Made with natural, organic and wild-crafted ingredients

♦ 100% pure and natural 

♦ Made fresh in small batches

♦ Never tested on animals

♦ No artificial colors, dyes or preservatives

♦ No chemicals, parabens, minerals or fillers

Turmeric and Honey Facial Mask