Fertility Essential Oil Roll On

FERTILITY is a blend to help those looking to get pregnant. In this blend are oils designed to help align hormones and prepare your body for a baby. Apply this blend daily over lower abdomen targeting ovaries and uterus area. Stop using once pregnant.


Clary Sage~ creates hormonal balance, increases circulation, relieves menstrual discomfort
Fennel~ relieves menstrual cramps, support feminine energies, relieves inflammation, great benefits for the womb
Geranium~ regulates hormones, balance endocrine system
Lavender~ reduce stress and support relaxation
Ylang Ylang~ creates hormonal balance, energizes reproductive organs
Myrrh~ clears obstruction in the womb, regulates cycle




Test a small amount of the product on your skin to ensure you are not sensitive to any of it's ingredients.


We do not offer advice with the intent to diagnose, treat or cure what ails you but to share our love of natural products and their healing properties.


Always consult a physician if pregnant, nursing or have a chronic condition.

Fertility Essential Oil Roll On