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At Homeless Shelters And amongst Cancer Patients, Skincare Products Are In High Demand

J House Of Beauty and Homeless

The most requested items by Homeless Shelters are hygiene products. Which is where we come in, J House of Beauty is donating to the 11,000+ homeless shelters across the U.S. with your help. For every skincare product you buy, one is donated to a shelter in need.


J House of Beauty and Cancer Patients

There are 1.8 million people diagnosed with cancer in U.S. Chemotherapy and radiation often wreak havoc on the skin. Chemotherapy drugs affect the cutaneous barrier function. This barrier is responsible for keeping out the bad such as: microbes, allergens, and chemicals. The cutaneous barrier is also responsible for retaining the good like moisture, keeping skin soft and smooth. When this barrier is compromised, common chemotherapy reactions may negatively impact patient quality of life. That is why clean skincare is so important and is why J House of beauty will donate a skincare product for everyone you buy.

Together we can make a change one skincare product at a time!