our fab story

J House of Beauty is a skincare and cosmetic company, devoted to providing exceptional customer service, premium quality skincare, and cosmetics that are natural, safe, and perfect for all skin types. We strive to provide the healthiest products and to educate our customers and employees on why natural skin care is so important. While being environmentally conscious, saying no to animal testing, and giving back to our global community all while providing exceptional skin care and cosmetics.









Guaranteed Pure

All J House Of Beauty formulations adhere to strictly purity standards and will never contain harsh or toxic ingredients.




Our commitment to animal welfare means that we will never, ever test on animals and that our products will always be certified cruelty-free.



Hand-Made, Hand-Poured

All of our products are all lovingly handmade. We mix up a fresh batch every day of the week.







Ingredients Sourcing

We go through a painstaking process to avoid animal-sourced ingredients and opt for vegan, cruelty free alternatives

cruelty free
made with love
ethically sourced